Beach villas -Hurricane shelter

Hurricanes come every year. We all know how destructive they can be. Hopefully it will not hit the Bahamas in near future. But you never know.

So it is better to be prepared.

We designed a beautiful beach Villa that doubles in case as hurricane shelter.

It is a villa on the beach, but in a case of a hurricane you can close the “box container” and move it to save higher ground with one flatbed truck. There you and your family can wait out the storm. You have full cooking ability, full ac, bathroom, everything you need to be save in a hurricane.

These Beach villas have quick connect solar panels, so before a storm you remove them and once the storm passed you put them back.

Additional you have battery , gas and generator back up. All your neighbors will love you then. It can be fitted also with a charging station for an electric car.

It is a great investment opportunity!

These can be rented on Airbrb or similar sites, they bring rental income every month, and the space of the hurricane shelter can be pre rented for the case of a hurricane . If you are interested in some real calculations  please contact us.You will be amazed how much money you can make.