Hybrid/ Electric Cars

Electric Cars

For electric cars you need a charging station. We will introduce them to the Bahamas. Do you know any Bahamian electrician who wants to learn how to install charging stations? It is just a matter of time till these cars will be in the islands.

Mercedes invested 23 billion dollar, Volkswagen 44 Billion and the Japanese and Chinese another 100 billion in this new technology.

Hybrid Cars

A hybrid car has a huge battery with a gas engine in basic terms. That means when u get off the gas the inverter produces energy, that then charges the battery.

Honda, Toyota, GMC, Mercedes and other make these hybrid cars. In our opinion Toyota is the best value.

We also will open a service station in each Island for these cars.

If you are interested to get 50 MPG, and start saving money the Toyota Hybrid is the way to go. Ask about the different options you have. Prices start at $14000 landed for a used certified car. New tires, new starter battery, new brakes, fully serviced.

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