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One of the high cost of living  in the Bahamas is the cost of electricity and fuel. Now the Power companies are not interested in Free Green Energy. Why should they, they make no money on YOU!.

So, what can you do different? Did you ever thought of getting an electric car or a hybrid car. Hybrid cars get in the city OVER 50 MPG per mile! Imagine cutting your fuel bill down 70%. That is money direct in your pocket. Say you are a taxi driver and need 45 Gallons of fuel a week and suddenly you only need 15 Gallons. That is $7500 a year in saving! over 10 years well over $100000 with interest!

Or imagine you have NO ELECTRICITY BILL all?

You might say this is impossible, well, there is a little device now, you can contact anyone in the world, you can get any information in the world. It is called cell phone. If you told someone 50 years ago that everyone would have that device today, they would have called  you crazy. The NEW technology is here. And we are here to make it reality.

Not only you save a lot of money, but you help the earth and the Bahamas not to spend the money on oil imports.

We need Bahamian to help us to bring this technology to Bahamas. We start first in Grand Bahamas and from there we will go to other Islands.

We have the complete set up here in the States, and we are willing to train Bahamians to get on the Green Energy movement.

Join us, that you save money and make the world a greener place.

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